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Parker Snap-tite
8325 Hessinger Drive
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509 USA
Phone: 814.860.5700
Fax: 814.866.7748

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g Autoclave Engineers Fluid Components Division
Since 1945, Autoclave Engineers Fluid Components has been the worldwide expert in the design and production of high pressure valves, fittings, and tubing. We manufacture our products to be safe and reliable while operating under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. With pressures up to 150,000 psi (10345 bar), we are the first choice for the petrochemical, chemical, waterblast, waterjet, and oil and gas industries.

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MacRae's Blue Book Industrial Directory
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Autoclave Engineers Division
Autoclave Engineers was founded by Fred Gashe in 1935 to fill a gap in the world of high pressure and high temperature technology. Autoclave has created and produced many novel pressure vessel designs as well as made significant break through's in high pressure technology such as the MagneDrive® magnetically coupled agitator. We have made these developments through commitments to constant innovation and hiring the best technical personnel available. This commitment is supported and encouraged by our parent company Snap-tite, Inc.

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s Snap-tite Components: Quick Disconnect and Hydraulic Valve Division
Snap-tite has manufactured quick disconnect couplings since 1935 and is the innovator of the dry break quick disconnect. Hundreds of markets and industries depend on the Snap-tite quick disconnect couplings ability to perform under the most demanding conditions. For the ocean floor, where specially designed quick disconnects are playing a vital role in programs to unlock the ocean's resources and mysteries, to the edges of our solar system, where Snap-tite quick disconnects have ridden with unlimited space vehicles beginning with the earliest rockets and beyond.


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